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Welcome to the Tagalog Translator Online. This project initially started as a personal experiment to develop a dictionary for translating English to Tagalog and Tagalog to English words and expressions. At this moment many people, from all over the world, are using this website in order to be able to communicate with family, friends or lovers, living in the Philippines. If you have any suggestions for future developments, then please let me know. Notice: if you want to download the Windows program (freeware) of this translator then click here.

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Tagalog English

[Active Verb:]

[Passive Verb:]

1) Si Maria ay may alagang pagong. (Maria has a pet turtle.) 2) Mag-alaga ka ng bata. (Take care of the child.) 3) Alagaan mo ang iyong kapatid. (Take care of your brother [or sister].)

1) pet, ward, person, animal or the thing being taken care of (noun) 2) to take care of, to raise, to bring (verb)

[Active Verb:]

[Passive Verb:]

1) Naka-alpas ang mga bilanggo. (The prisoners were able to break loose.)

1) to become free, loose, untied (as animals) 2) to be able to break loose
balahibo (noun) fine body hair; feathery hair of fowls or wooly hair of animals

[Active Verb:]

[Passive Verb:]

Bulyawan mo ang mga maingay na bata. (Shout at the noisy children.)

1) loud or shouted rebuke or reproach; angry and sudden shout to drive away fowls and animals (noun) 2) to shout at, to rebuke or reproach
hayop (noun) animal
himulmol (noun) plucking of feathers from fowl or birds, or of hair from animals
ipot (noun) droppings of folws and smal animals

[Active Verb:]

Mag-iwi ka ng anak niya. (You take care of her child.)

(noun) /pag--/ (pag-iiwi) taking care of an animal for someone else who is the real owner (verb) to take care of children
katad (noun) animal skin, leather


(noun) collar, especially for animals

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