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Welcome to the Tagalog Translator Online. This project initially started as a personal experiment to develop a dictionary for translating English to Tagalog and Tagalog to English words and expressions. At this moment many people, from all over the world, are using this website in order to be able to communicate with family, friends or lovers, living in the Philippines. If you have any suggestions for future developments, then please let me know. Notice: if you want to download the Windows program (freeware) of this translator then click here.

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(noun) light and gentle touch (as by the soft breeze on one's skin); light and gentle application of medication (as on wounds)

[Active Verb:]

[Passive Verb:]

1) Ayaw kong manggalaw ng gamit iba. (I don't want to touch other people's belongings.) 2) Huwag mong galawin ang gamit sa ibabaw ng mesa. (Don't touch those things on the table.)

(verb) to touch, to move something
hipo (noun) touch

[Active Verb:]

[Passive Verb:]

1) Huwag kang mangalabit ng hindi mo kakilala. (Don't touch anyone you don't know.) 2) Kalabitin mo si Juan para gumising na siya. (Touch Juan so he will get up from sleep.)

1) touching with the tip of the finger (noun) 2) to touch with a finger (ver)
papag (noun) bamboo bed; a wooden couch

[Active Verb:]

[Passive Verb:]

1) Huwag mong hawakan ang mainit na kaldero at baka ikaw ay mapaso. (You should not touch the hot pot or you might scald your hand.) 2) Huwag mong pasuin ang iyong daliri. (Don't burn your fingers.)

(verb) to burn or scald
pikon (adj) easily angered by jokes or jests; touchy
sayad (adj) touching or dragging on floor at bottom, or on the sides
sopa (noun) sofa; couch
supot (noun) small bag; a paper bag; pouch

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