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AWC Timesheet is a flexible and user-friendly application which enables you (and your co-workers or employees) to register working hours based on predefined customers, projects and activities. AWC Timesheet is equipped with clear management reports for analysis and billing purposes. In addition, AWC Timesheet is reasonably priced.

This webpage contains a global overview of the functionality of AWC Timesheet. For more details, and license fees, please refer to the product matrix.

Functionality overview



AWC Timesheet is configurable. You are able to define users, customers, projects and activities easily. Links between users and customers, customers and projects, and projects and activities can be configured as well. Each activity can be provided with a specific (hour) rate, based on both cost price and commercial rate, in order to guard projects on progress and budget...




AWC Timesheet contains user-friendly screens for daily time writing. A bar chart represents the amount of hours which is registered for each working day in order to prevent missing time frames at the end of the registration period. To enable users to jump to a specific week or day, the main screen offers easy to use navigation shortcuts...



Clear reports

As soon as working hours have been registered they can be analyzed and reported with the advanced reporting functionality. These reports do not only show data as it was registered but also provide graphical representations of the ratio between activities (per customer and/or project). Each report can be exported to Excel and PDF.



AWC Timesheet is available in 3 different versions: Free, Standard and Advanced.

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After you have started the program for the first time you will be guided through a registration process in order to activate the free version of AWC Timesheet. If you would like to activate the 'Standard' or 'Advanced' version then please contact us to obtain the required license key(s).


If you have any questions or remarks then please contact us.

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